How to recondition batteries at home


We all notice that every time we get our electronics from any shopping outlet, every year the battery life of each device gets shorter. Over time, through the continuous charging process and discharging cycles, we make our batteries lose their capacitive property of storing charge for a long time.

This explains why a Lenovo laptop that was bought four years ago may only last half as long as it used to do. Today, we are going to cover a step wise course on how to recondition batteries at home. This simple process will save you time and money and make your electronic devices function properly again.

It is good to point out the fact that the process of battery degradation is a process we cannot escape forever, but you can get more out of a dead battery for a long time, and that is what we are focusing on.

Here are 5 tips that will show you how to recondition a battery at home and reverse or slow down the battery ageing process.

Step 1: studies have shown that discharging your batteries or unplugging the device immediately when the charge gets to 100% does not have any effect on the battery. This is because many devices today are built with a smart charging circuit that cuts the flow of electricity when batteries become fully charged.

On the flip side, there was an increase in battery life when devices were plugged in before reaching 70% battery capacity. If you want your laptop to serve you for a long time, plug them in before they get to 70% mark.

Step 2: We all know that Photoshop and other heavy applications running on our computers use high amounts of energy. It is more than likely to have running processes in the background that are not useful to us in that instance; these processes are actually killing the computers battery life. Always look for a diagnosis on what application is taking a lot of battery power.

Step 3: It is unfortunate that the technologies that have been used nowadays to improve the efficiency of storing charge in electronics is still challenged by the increasing number of dead batteries. In most cases, the devices will not be set to read out the true battery percentages accurately; this is what leads to batteries dying early. To counter this situation, simply discharge the device until it shuts down completely. Once the device is off, leave it for 24 hours for the battery to drain. Once discharged, charge it up to 100%. There will be a re-calibration in your devices battery and your device’s battery management will be amazing.

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